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Since 2018 the first resource in Italy for scientific and technical research in ice cream area. Click above and become a patron!
You will find articles written by professionals, with thirty years of experience and in-depth academic preparation!

We propose an open access publication model since we believe in the free sharing of knowledge.
Each resource can therefore be freely consulted, distributed and used, as long as it is not otherwise indicated, according to the CC-BY-NC license

Freya: Artificial Intelligence in Ice Cream Production

The Freya Project is based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms largely written from scratch. The idea is to make it capable of developing quality ice cream recipes. Users will only provide a list of ingredients, type of batch freezer and serving temperature.

An artificial intelligence algorithm learns activities and performs them similar to what a person would do, but more efficiently, often more accurately, and with a certain amount of creativity.

The intent is certainly not to replace the craftsman, but rather to assist him in his work, offering the opportunity to learn from a quick, practical and alternative point of view.
The project is expected to be finalized by 2022.

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Fabio Pasquarella

Fabio Pasquarella


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The articles represent the opinions of the authors, supported by over twenty years of practice and studies from the scientific world. The intent is not to defend a particular thesis tout court, but to put working hypotheses and stimuli for further reflection and research. Comments and criticisms are therefore welcome, and if well founded they will be integrated specifying the generalities of those who contribute to them. For this reason we invite you to write to us.

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